Lazarus's backstory

Lazarus, a respected merchant and leader in his community, is sent by the Sadducees to investigate the "Miracle Worker," Jesus, with the expectations to report to the people of Bethany that Jesus is a charlatan and a fraud.

But Lazarus returned with a different message than the Sadducees expected.

Jesus visits Martha, Mary and Lazarus in Bethany, revealing that he'll be asking for a special commitment for the gifts he has given to Lazarus.

Jesus returns to Bethany after news of Lazarus' death reaches him. Lazarus is resurrected from the grave.

James, brother of Jesus, turns the relic over to Lazarus after Jesus' death.

Lazarus is banished after the Crucifixion, in the Sadducees' hope that he will perish at sea.

Esctucheon recants more of the Legend of Lazarus

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